Why you should shoot in RAW mode

As an amateur hipster photographer i always thought shooting photo's in RAW mode was such a drag. But i do know a thing or two about photo-editing, and shooting in RAW makes this easier than ever. I got bored and took this ugly ass photo and tried to turn into something .. not ugly ass. And yes, i look white, and yes my hair is dusty and dry.

Budget shopping: Evil Eye Bracelet

Everyone knows i love cheap stuff. I'm a professional sale hunter and recent eBay addict. For some reason I love religious jewellery (i'm not religious at all) and have been looking for an evil eye bracelet for some time now. The free worldwide shipping from Hong Kong never dissapoints (yet it does take a month to get delivered and your parcel smells like what's probably burned opium). What do you think? Not bad for $1,89 right? I'll put a link somewhere if you're interested in buying one yourself. 

Don't get it twisted

I hate the sound of my alarm clock. I hate the sound of kids crying. I hate getting Sisi when i ask for Fanta.  I hate ignorant douchebags. I hate socks in sandals. I hate dissapointing myself. I hate how indecisive i am. I hate people that exploid others. I hate racists. I hate Miranda Cosgrove. I hate hurting people, unintentionally. I hate parking. I hate anti-gay people. I hate the dust on my guitar. I hate "reality" soaps. I hate people posting pictures of their horses. I hate overpriced clothing. I hate cheesy lovecouples, and I hate my hair. Besides this, i pretty much love everything and everyone. Don't get it twisted. 


I'ts been too long since me and Joyce (www.joycemxo.blogspot.com) got into her pussywagon and went people spotting downtown. But when we do, we do it hip. 

Sunglasses: Asos | T-shirt: River island


Fuck this is weird. After two years of me bitching and moaning about wanting this bigger room, i finally do. My sister moved out last week, leaving me with both my parents. Bittersweet. I don't know which feeling is stronger. Sweet because i have this nice room, potential office/shishalounge and finally some space. Yet bitter, seeing the person i have lived with for 19 years leaving me. Truly happy for my sister, her boyfriend and their lovely new home. But dude, this feels weird.

Good afternoon

My name is Gyor Moore. I live in The Netherlands, Rotterdam. I'm 19 years old and i'm currently studying Communcation and Multimedia Design. That's about it. You can expect lots of random jibberish, mediocre photography and visual designs. Thanks